Quality Products and Processing

"Glass R US " primary focus is on quality; therefore our enterprise deploys the latest industry standards to ensure that our products meet or even exceed all international quality standards requirements. To achieve such goal, we have adopted extensive quality assurance practices, invested heavily in research and development, and leveraged on latest verified technologies. High quality and top-graded glass raw materials are key ingredients of our production line. “Glass R US” relies on industry leaders and world-renowned raw material providers such as Guardian, Saint Gobain, Glaverbel, and Pilkington. “Glass R US”’s combination of expertise, quality raw material, seamless processing, operational excellence, and customer service is not just a theme; but rather a philosophy, a vision and a practice.

Manufacturing Quality Assurance (QA)
Heat treatment process:

“Glass R US” follows strict quality assurance guidelines and principles as it deploys the latest practices and highest standards during the heat treatment process. The basic principle deployed in the heat treating process is creating an initial condition of surface and edge compression. This condition is achieved by firstly heating the glass, then immediately cooling the surfaces. This leaves the thickness of the glass center relatively hot compared to the surfaces. As the center thickness cools down, it forces the surfaces and edges into compression. Wind pressure, missile impact, thermal stresses or other applied loads must first overcome this compression before there is any possibility of fracture.There are two principal manufacturing methods for the production of heat-treated glass. One process heat-treats the glass in a horizontal position, while the second method moves the glass through the furnace in a vertical position with each light of the glass being held by metal tongs.

Safety Standards

Fully-tempered glass is used in many applications because of its safety characteristics. Its safety comes from a strong and unique fracture pattern. Strength, which effectively resists wind pressure and impact, provides safety in many applications. When fully-tempered glass breaks, the glass fractures into small, relatively harmless fragments. This phenomenon, called "dicing", markedly reduces the likelihood of injury to people as they leave no jagged edges or sharp shards.

Handling and Installation:

Tempered glass should receive the same care as annealed glass. Unfortunately, familiarity with the greatly improved strength of tempered glass may mislead people to exert less care in handling it. Full penetration of the compression layer will likely produce instantaneous total fragmentation of tempered glass. Hence, tempered glass cannot be cut or modified following heat treatment.


Glass R US’s innovative Solutions
Spider System façades:

Spider systems for tempered glass use spider-shaped elements and anchors between glass panels in order to construct structures with glass walls.These systems provide great flexibility to the creation of large glass structures, which leaves open and limitless possibilities. Many other metal accessories come to complete the creation of complex glass constructions using spider systems. Spider systems also have the advantage of creating glass surfaces without any visual obstruction to the observers from the outside of the building, and provide an incredible amount of light to the inside-observers thus revealing the beauty of the structure, while benefiting from the created thermal insulation. These facts alone are the reason why the use of spider systems constructions is prominent in Middle-Eastern architecture and construction. ‘Glass R US” is one of the world's best manufacturers of spider systems that strives to provide only high-end quality solutions to our customers and prospects.


: Skylights are roofing glass structures, prominent over modern malls, exhibition halls, museums, swimming pools and arenas, and public covered areas in general.“Glass R US” has an extensive experience and knowledge of assembling custom skylights. Not only do we offer all the necessary material, designs and tools, but we also bring practical know-how and extended expertise to the table, for the construction of any skylight project.

Canopies and Domes:

roofs made out of glass. Those are useful architectural tools to cover large public areas. Canopies can easily extend existing usable surfaces to any public space. Canopies can be a good choice when daylight is the source of illumination in a certain space. Glass used can be tainted or treated to block UV light. “Glass R US” has built various designs of canopies that can be viewed all over the country. See projects list for more details.


Glass staircases are becoming a trend revealing elegance and style. Interior architects are using tempered glass staircases to create visually uncut and unobstructed spaces, with an abundance of light. There are many ways to build glass staircases, whether suspended by metal rods and elements or supported by a metal or glass panel structure. Whichever the type or suspension technique is, whether straight or curved, “Glass R US” has expertise in designing and building creatively challenging and beautiful staircases made of tempered, safe, and elegant glass.


Glass landings are literally glass floors made out of tempered glass panels and supported by a metal floor structure. Landings can be used for mezzanines and large staircases. They can also be used to bridge between different building spaces, such as in skywalk designs. Landings can be opaque with 'sanded' tempered glass or transparent with normal tempered glass. But the main advantage is allowing the light to pass through a walking area. Special lighting can also be applied inside the floor.


“Glass R US” provides many types of glass necessary for the creation of simple and complex balustrades. We implement our expertise on the design, production, installation, and maintenance of balustrades, whether the used glass is straight or curved tempered glass.

Balcony Glass Curtains:

“Glass R US” produces any kind of straight or curved tempered glass for the creation of simple projects such as balcony glass curtains. The quality of our products is absolutely outstanding, durable and safe.